Here are 21 super cute homemade Halloween treats to make and eat!

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you going to be celebrating? Maybe doing some chute-or-treat? Mike told me about this the other day: apparently people are creating slides so they can slide candy down to trick-or-treaters from a safe distance. Personally I’m going to be making us a bunch of homemade halloween treats to nom on while we binge watch something scary but not too scary on Netflix. What about you?

Sweet (and cute) Halloween Treats

totoro banana bread |

Totoro Banana Bread

I am legit addicted to banana bread and will straight up eat a whole loaf. And when Totoro’s face is on it?! I’m a goner. This banana bread is super moist (lol) and banana-y and really is my favorite banana bread.

totoro soot sprite brownies |


Two bite brownies for the win, but especially when they are as cute as this! Make them if you’re a Spirited Away fan and also have the hunger like No-Face.


Totoro Rice Krispie Treats

啊,当我制作这些米饭krispie attys时,我发生了意外......我不小心吃了他们所有人。我没有米饭Krispie在永远享受米饭,并且像新鲜的自制米饭Krispie款待一样,没有任何东西。即使你不想装饰它们,也要制作这些。我的食谱还有额外的棉花糖和一点额外的黄油,这是如此令人震惊的好,我甚至不能。

Totoro Soot Sprite巧克力闪光饼干 -  www.www.cpxjq.com188金宝博地区限制

Soft and Chocolate-y Soot Sprite Cookies

More dust bunny Soot Sprite cuties! These ones are gluten free and melt in your mouth. I love them.

南瓜Totoro Whoopie Pies教程 -  www.iamafoodblog188金宝博地区限制.com

Pumpkin Totoro Whoopie Pies

Ooh, if you haven’t had a whoopie pie before, make these! Whoopie pies are a cross between a soft cake and a sandwich cookie and they are fluffy and delicious. These ones are pumpkins for extra festivity. And they look like Totoro!

Did you know you can melt down store bought marshmallows and cut them into custom shapes. Make these super easy Totoro marshmallows today! #marshmallows #totoro #totoromarshmallows #totorofood #kawaiifood #hotchocolate

Totoro Marshmallows

This is a lil tutorial on how to use store bought marshmallows to melt down into your own shapes. My shape of choice…Totoro of course! Perfect if you have any extra marshmallows from making rice krispie squares.

pumpkin cheesecake totoros -


Give me ALL the cheesecake bars. Cheesecake bars are perfect because who doesn’t love holding food while they eat it? Plus, they’re pumpkin and over the top cute.

如何制作TOTORO早餐 -  www.www.cpxjq.com188金宝博地区限制


你想要一份备用早餐吗?Totoro煎饼适合你。我有三种方式:苹果馅饼煎饼,buttermilk and bacon, andpancake art style.


Scones are such fall food. A toasty warm scone with a hot spiced chai is the epitome of cozy. These scones are pumpkin, of course. A Totoro-ly perfect halloween treat!

Totoro Pull-Apart Buns -


My all time favorite buns. They are so soft and squishy and shreddable. The fact that they’re decorated like Totoro is a bonus, but even without his powdered sugar belly I would inhale a tray of these.

Totoro Black Sesame Baked甜甜圈食谱 -  www.iamafood188金宝博地区限制

Totoro Black Sesame Donuts


Savory Halloween Treats

Sometimes you want a treat but you don’t want it to be sweet, am I right? These recipes are still special enough to be considered Halloween treats but they’re savory just in case you ate too much candy, like me.

如何制作TOTORO SOBA:冷荞麦面与豆类达希岛蘸酱,以曾经可爱的Totoro的形状。你知道你想吃他!#soba #japanesefood #totorosoba #totoro #totorofood #kawaiifood #soba #recipes

totoro soba.

Soba is one of those noodles that is amazing and I’m not quite sure why it’s not as popular as ramen or udon in America. Proper soba is nutty and nourishing and the slurping is the best part. Which part of Totoro will you eat first?

Totoro Inari Sushi Recipe  -  ww188金宝博地区限制

Totoro Inari.

我将成为第一个承认这些Totoro Inari有点耗时。我也将成为第一个符合制作的线!他们太可爱了,他们也很好。Inari是完美的甜味和咸味的小豆腐口袋里装满了寿司米饭。我可以在一个人中吃大约6个。

Totoro Brie Grilled Cheese

YAY Totoro grilled cheese with a giant brie tummy! This cute and tasty fellow has some spice hiding inside him thanks to jalapeños, but if you’re not the spicy type, you can leave them out. I love how happy he looks to be eaten.


This is probably one of the easiest treats to make and I think everyone should start their morning with a Totoro cream cheese bagel, toasted of course. I covered mine in scallions after because scallion cream cheese is where it’s at.


Totoro Spam Musubi

The post that started it all. This was my first ever Totoro themed food item and ever since then I’ve been obsessed! Who knew spam could bring me so much joy!?

avocado totoro soot sprite onigiri -


If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, you’re probably obsessed with onigiri. Who doesn’t love a hand held rice ball?! This lil soot sprite is filled with avocado seasoned with a touch of soy sauce all wrapped up in nori. So tasty, so cute.

易kabocha汤与totoro鸡蛋在一个孔配方 -  www.www.cpxjq.com188金宝博地区限制

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with a Totoro Egg in a Hole


A super cute fluffy, jiggly Totoro cheesecake: pillowy soft, cotton-y, light-as-air cheesecake with just a hint of sweetness. #cheesecake #japanesecheesecake #fluffycheesecake #totorocake #totorocheesecake #totorofood #kawaiifood

Super Fluffy Totoro Cheesecake



lemon shortbread recipe -


A snappy buttery lemon-scented shortbread that you can make into any shape. Because who says that halloween has to be all about the pumpkins anyway?

如何制作金枪鱼onigiri:Miffy Tuna Onigiri |www.188金宝博地区限制

Miffy Tuna Onigiri.


Whew! We made it.

Are you cute-ed out yet? I’m not. Give me ALL the cute! Happy almost Halloween! I know we could all use a little extra cute in our lives, so I hope you make one of these or if not, I hope they brought a smile to your face anyway because yes, there’s some crazy person out the in the world that took all that time to make that cute food. (It’s me. I’m the crazy person LOL)

xoxo steph

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