Kettle corn is the perfect anytime treat. It’s popcorn, but better because it’s salty and sweet!

I am addicted to kettle corn. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a summer fair or from a store bought bag (I always make eyes at the one that comes in a pastel purple bag), kettle corn is my number one weakness. It’s so bad that a couple of weeks ago I called a grocery store to make sure they had a seasonal flavor in stock. Then Mike and I went on a walk, in the rain, so I could buy five bags. Just in case.

I have now finished 4 out of the 5 bags and I’ve told myself, no more! No more buying expensive bags of kettle corn. Not when making homemade kettle corn is super easy and just as good. Plus, have you ever had warm kettle corn? It’s magic.

我现在一直在家里制作水壶玉米2年和我t is seriously the best thing ever. It’s amazing how much flavor and crispiness you can get from just 4 ingredients.

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What is kettle corn?

Kettle corn is a sweet and salty popcorn snack! Traditionally, it’s popcorn made in giant copper kettles with oil, salt and sugar, stirred up with big wooden paddles. The kernels of corn get a light golden caramelized crust that is irresistible due to its sweet and salty flavors and crispy crunchy texture. At home, instead of a giant copper kettle, you can make homemade kettle corn with just a regular pot. The best part is, it only takes about 5 minutes from start to snack!


  1. Warm the oil:heat some oil over medium high heat and when shimmery, add 3 kernels and cover, until the kernels pop.
  2. 温暖爆米花:add the popcorn to the pan in a single layer and sprinkle with sugar. Cover and take the pan off the heat and swirl everything around. The residual heat in the pan will bring the popcorn kernels up to near popping.
  3. Pop the popcorn:Put the pan back on the heat over medium high and start shaking, with the lid on. The popcorn will start to pop. Turn the heat to medium, and shake every so often, with the lid a little ajar so the popcorn stays crispy. The popcorn will start popping almost immediately. Let it pop until there’s about 1-3 seconds between the popping.
  4. Season:Once the popcorn is popped, immediately spread it out onto a baking sheet, and sprinkle with salt. Enjoy!

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Kettle corn ingredients

  • 爆米花仁。Try to get fresh, plump kernels, they pop bigger and better.
  • Oil.Grab a neutral oil or oil you like the flavor of – more on oil choices below!
  • 糖。Classic kettle corn is made with regular granulated sugar.
  • Salt.The crunch of flaky sea salt is perfect for kettle corn. You can use kosher sea salt too.


Which popcorn kernels are the best for kettle corn?

The best popcorn to use for kettle corn is fresh popcorn.The fresher, the better because as popcorn ages, it gets drier and drier.Fresher Popcorn里面有更多的水分,这是有助于它的潮流!

That being said, I like mushroom popcorn over butterfly popcorn.

蘑菇球爆米花是一个圆形爆米花,相比butterfly popcorn, which has wings or flakes. Most caramel popcorns are mushroom kernels whereas movie theater popcorn is butterfly. The roundness of mushroom ball popcorn makes it easier to coat in that salty-sweet goodness.

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What is the best oil to pop popcorn in?

I use grapeseed oil, but lots of people love popping in coconut. You don’t need a lot of heat when popping popcorn, so the best oil is the oil you love the flavor of. Popcorn pops at 355°F so as long as your oil is safe up to that point, go for it!






Tips and tricks

  • Make sure you shake.Make sure every kernel of popcorn is coated by shaking the pan every 10-15 seconds or so.
  • Don’t burn it!When you start to hear the popping slow to a couple of seconds between pops, remove the pan from the heat. You’ll have some up popped kernels, but truthfully that’s much better than burnt sugar popcorn.
  • Keep the lid slightly ajar.这让我们蒸汽并确保你的爆米花很好,而且清脆。
  • Salt it right away.Salt the popcorn while it’s hot so the salt sticks. I like to salt afterwards – not during popping – so I can better salt to taste.

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Kettle Corn Recipe

Kettle corn is the perfect anytime treat. It’s popcorn, but better because it’s salty and sweet!
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Total Time 5mins


  • grapeseed
  • 2TBSP.
  • 1/4cuppopcorn kernelsmushroom style preferred
  • 片状海盐


  • 线与羊皮纸和设置一个烤盘side. Heat the oil over medium high heat. Add 3 kernels of popcorn to a heavy bottomed stainless steel pan with high sides and cover. Listen carefully for the kernels to pop.
  • Once the 3 kernels pop, add the remaining popcorn kernels in a single, even layer. Sprinkle with the sugar, cover and remove from the heat for 30 seconds to bring the kernels to a near popping temperature.
  • Return the covered pan to medium high heat. The kernels should begin to pop – keep shaking and turn the heat down to medium. You should hear almost constant popping, keep shaking the pan every 10-15 seconds, keeping the lid slightly ajar to let out steam so the popcorn stays dry and crispy.
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  • 一旦弹出流行,弹出弹出之间的几秒钟,从热量中取出并拆下盖子。将爆米花倒在制备的烤盘上,撒上盐。
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